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Empowering Women and Girl child


Sashaktikaran – means empowering. Talking about empowering women, we held ourselves responsible to make the women of Praptapgarh aware of their rights and in rural regions helping woman to understand them and imply them in their daily lives.

Vocational Training Centers: These training setups help the women and girls to be self-independent. Believing in the power of women and helping them seek the urge to learn. We as an organization have seen increase in the number of women who have joined these centers grow in the past few years.

 Our organization, under the guidance of RAJKUMARI RATNA SINGH JI, has been able to improve the standard of education for girls by opening new schools and colleges and by also re-developing already built infrastructure of various schools and helping them by providing schools modern equipment so that the urge to seek and learn is not hindered at any cost.

 Our agenda also focuses on providing women and girls with proper sanitation facilities so as to help them feel secure. In schools we have increased the standard of hygiene and we also focus on the area of providing sanitation facilities to women and girls so as to eradicate open defecation.

 Women in rural areas were totally dependent on the income of the male members of the society so as to make them economically stable, our organization has various training centers be it vocational training like sewing, stitching, and other (small scale setups) which encourage women to be self-dependent.

 As farming is the main source of income, we opened a farming school so as to educate women free of cost, so that they can also contribute to the income of the family.

Our experience shows that educating the girl child helps transform her gait and confidence level. Her mental agility percolates into the home and family. She becomes an agent for change. Later, in her turn, as a mother, she ensures the education of her children and object to social ills.